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Naked Farmer, nice to meet ya.

We're chefs, farmers, food revolutionaries. We're your neighbors, the ones on a mission to build a better food system from the ground up by feeding you the most local, farm-fresh food from nearby. By partnering directly with farmers, we work to make local, farm-fresh, nutritious food accessible for everyone. We call it "unmessed-with deliciousness." 

Our Vibe

Under our roof, you'll find the freshest, most seasonal and locally-sourced food in town. Our chefs handcraft super high quality farm-fresh meals from scratch, placing a heavy emphasis on our favorite thing ever—fresh vegetables. We partner with farmers we know on a first-name basis to serve veggies harvested days, not weeks, ago. We work with producers that understand exactly where it comes from and the quality of life it's lived. Our cows are exclusively grass-fed for their entire lives. Our chickens roam freely. 

Our menu is grown in direct conversation with small and medium-sized farmers in our region, brought in from the fields, and cooked on site by chefs who know their vegetables.

It's pretty simple, really: we feel like eating food that's grown closer to you is better for you, the environment, farmers and the economy. Join us on our journey to 100% local. 

Our flagship location lives at 200 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg—a mecca of pure, unmessed-with deliciousness. Stay tuned for more...

Local Sourcing

By sourcing local, we're sparking a food revolution of sorts in Tampa. We thoughtfully source everything with care from a close network of farmers and partners. Fresh from nature, our menu is driven by the seasons and what's available at farms nearby. 

When it comes to changing how we source food, we're in it for the long haul. We build relationships with our farmers to understand growing practices and techniques, build trust and establish transparency. We invest in the future of farming by signing long-term contracts with farmers. This provides them with financial stability and helps them scale up their business to meet additional demand. It's definitely a win for all, especially since it means more sun-soaked produce straight to you. 

We're on a mission to make Naked Farmer 100% locally-sourced. 


Day in and day out, we work to have a more positive impact on our community and environment.

We keep packaging to a minimum. As naked as possible. Nearly all of our takeout containers are compostable or made from natural, sustainably-produced, recyclable materials.

We use our buying power as leverage to support sustainable growing practices. From investing in free-range animals to ensuring crop rotations, we work hard to honor the land we call home.

Cooking Philosophy

We prepare food the way nature intended. Without fluff or filler. A little sea salt, olive oil, lemon and expertise. Our from-scratch, chef-driven kitchens were built by food-passionate people who celebrate locally and sustainably sourced goodness. The veggies that arrive at our back door are so farm-fresh, they don’t need much else. So good, we leave ‘em naked. 

At our core, we are a team of culinary-driven pros. Our kitchens are run by executive chefs, not general managers. While creating the future of food, our chefs are also cultivating the future generation of chefs through our Chef-in-Training and Culinary Leadership Programs. 

Our Values

The Foodture

The future of food honors the land, as well as the farmers and the chefs who prepare and serve the best of what each season has to offer. And we won’t stop ’til we get to 100% locally sourced vegetables and meats. We call it the "foodture."

Less is Best

We have a deep reverence for the planet that feeds us and are committed to being an environmentally conscious company. We use minimal packaging that’s mostly compostable, serve nose-to-tail meats and stem-to-leaf veggies. Zero waste, here we come.

Deliciousness for All

Chef-made, locally sourced food served with hustle shouldn’t be hard to find—we’re out to change that.

Dress Lightly

Keep. It. Simple. Let the ingredients shine through, just as nature intended. Because real food needs no flourish.

The Naked Way

We think holistically to cultivate transparency, integrity and value across our entire ecosystem—from our employees to our farmers, customers and suppliers. Together, we will transform the norm.