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FAQs, we got you.

Maybe you're wondering what goes into our particular strain of deliciousness, or where we source our delectable vegetables. Check out our most commonly asked questions below. If you don’t see your question, give us a shout here. We'll respond within 2 business days.


Thoughtful Sourcing

What is Your Philosophy on Sourcing?

We source our food with deliberate care from a direct network of farmers nearby. Our chefs sweat the details on every ingredient so you don't have to. Our sourcing guidelines take care of the rest:

1. Transparency Always

The food on your plate tells a story—from how it was planted to how it ended up on the end of your fork and everything in between. We are obsessed with telling those stories...the good, the bad and the in-process versions, too. The "Naked" in our name was born from our mission to bring truth and transparency to everything we put in your bowl...and yeah, to the food system at large. We believe people deserve to know what's up with the food they're putting in their bodies. Or at least where it comes from. As part of our due diligence, each ingredient (and farm) is inspected at every step throughout the growing process: plant, harvest, transport and arrival. 

2. Food the Way Nature Intended 

America’s original diners served unpretentious food made from scratch with local ingredients. That model sounds pretty fresh to us these days, so that's how we're slicing it. What that looks like is: if we don't understand how an ingredient is produced, grown or treated, we don't put it on our menu. Our belief system is simple: eat only what you'd feed your family. Join us as we go back to the Foodture.

Our NO list:

  • No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • No hydrogenated fats 
  • No artificial coloring 
  • No artificial flavoring  
  • No added artificial sweeteners (e.g. high-fructose corn syrup)
  • No refined vegetable oils (e.g. canola)
  • No antibiotics or hormones

3. Support Local Farmers, Build a Better Food System

We are united by the power of farmers, chefs and hello, food. We've built our business on sourcing local food from farm partners we personally know. We believe that squash harvested 48 hours ago doesn't need much to make it taste great. Salt, pepper and a little skill go a long way when the food is this fresh. Our current menu is about 60% local, meaning it's sourced within 500 miles of our restaurants. From just-picked vegetables to thoughtfully-sourced proteins, we're creating a game-changing food supply chain, right in your town. But it ain't we expand, we'll need your help to achieve our goal of maintaining a 100% locally-sourced menu that changes with the seasons. 

Where is your meat from and how is it raised?

We source our meat thoughtfully, only from farms close to our restaurants. Sourcing from farm partners we know and trust means we are in constant communication with them. If our cattle rancher has an excess of a certain cut of meat one week, we'll put it on our menu instead of letting it go to waste. We rotate steak cuts often, to keep it fresh in more ways than one. Our all-natural chickens are fed a high-quality, fortified diet of vegetarian grains and nutrients, because we know that better feed means better health. They have plenty of room to roam where food and water are readily available. They have access to feed on their own schedules. They live a good life in a stress-free environment and stay healthy without ever being given antibiotics. Our beef comes from cows that are exclusively fed grass for their entire lives. All meats are free of antibiotic and hormones. 

Where is your fish from and how is it raised?

We harvest sustainable salmon from their native watershed. Our supplier raises their fish in the Gulf of Maine, north of Cape Cod. As a result, salmon is raised in its natural, ocean environment and arrives at our restaurants 7 days (sometimes more) earlier than any other salmon we could buy. For instance, salmon from Norway is harvested more than 3,000 miles away from the U.S. Add up the time it takes to travel to the airports, plus the air travel, plus the fuel used (and the emissions), and the time to distribute it to market, and that fish is typically out of the water a week longer than our domestic fish by the time it arrives on your plate, and at a higher cost. 

By sourcing our salmon from domestic fisheries instead of commodity farms in other countries, we can account for the diets, lives and health of the fish. We work with our supplier directly, who inspects and selects every fish that goes to our restaurants. This allows us to provide the freshest, most sustainable salmon at a reasonable price.

Are your vegetables organic?

We exist to provide the highest quality ingredients and increase access to food items typically found exclusively at fine-dining establishments. Lots of our ingredients are organic, but sometimes we make the call to buy local vegetables that are not organic. We build deep relationships with our farmers and always look to understand and improve growing practices and techniques. 

What kind of oil do you cook with?

We've studied the debates and we proudly use two oils in our kitchen:

1. Non-GMO, expeller-pressed avocado & sunflower oil 

2. Non-GMO, cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil

We never use canola oil or any harmful oils with low smoke points. Avocado & sunflower oil has a high smoke point, which is healthier for consuming roasted meats and vegetables. Extra Virgin Olive oil is used to finish many of our vegetables and grains.

Do your farms use antibiotics on their animals?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Most of us know by now we shouldn't overuse antibiotics, so we don't end up with drug-resistant bacterial infections. However, did you know that more than 12 million pounds of medically-imported antibiotics sold in the U.S. are not for human use? They're for livestock. Why? Antibiotics make animals grow faster and need less food. Sigh. 

We believe animals should be raised in open spaces, and that young animals should stay with their mothers for twice as long as they do on industrial farms. Most livestock today are raised on large farms, in tight quarters. Because the animals often get sick under these conditions, big conventional farms give the animals low doses of antibiotics regularly to try to prevent outbreaks. This is all sorts of complicated, but we'll stop there for now. Simply put: we wouldn't feed our families antibiotic-y food, so that means it's not good enough for our customers.

Mindful Sourcing

Is your food prepared with salt?

Yes. We add sea salt for flavor (never from being processed).

Is your food gluten-free?

Accommodating the dietary needs of our guests is important to us. When it makes sense for our menu, we avoid gluten. Many of our dishes are gluten-free, and we will always note allergens on all menus. If gluten is a concern, note that we do cook in an open kitchen, so cross-contamination may occur. If you have an allergy and are dining with us, please let us know. We will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs.

Nutrition & Allergens

Where can I find allergen information?

We disclose common food allergen information on each item on our in-store and online ordering menus. Since we're new, resources are a bit limited, to be perfectly honest. We've begun to work on a nutrition and ingredient list for all of our items. When we finalize that, we'll list it here. Our food is prepared from scratch each day in kitchens that are open. While we try our hardest, we're human, and make mistakes. There is always a risk of cross-contamination (gluten) and for their own safety we recommend that customers with a severe food allergy do not dine with us.

Where can I find nutritional information?

Full transparency: We're still working on it. We list our ingredients by name next to each menu item in the store and online. We're working on a list of detailed nutritional information. BRB.

Can you prepare special orders to accommodate my food allergy?

Unfortunately, because of the complex nature and batch cooking style of our kitchens, we are unable to accommodate special requests.

My Order

I have an issue with my order

If your order is currently open (hasn't been picked up or delivered), please reach out to our team at the location which you placed the order. Take a deep breath. If you cannot get ahold of someone, or have already received your food, please use the "Orders" category on our Contact Page. 

Can I use cash to pay?

Currently we accept credit card payments only for online orders. 

Where is my order confirmation email?

Check your spam or junk folder. Sometimes we find it there. Teach the robots we're your friends.  

Media / Other

Media Request

Nice to meet ya! Drop us a line at

Come to my neighborhood!

Well we just might. If you want to see us in your neck of the woods or have a suggestion for a Naked Farmer location, please use the "Future Locations" dropdown on our Contact Form. We look forward to hearing about your dreams...

Do you franchise?

First off, thanks for the love. We don't take it lightly! At this time, Naked Farmer does not franchise nor do we currently have plans to do so.